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by Love Cult

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"Beginning with tape experimentation, noise excursions, long-form drift and drone musics, Love Cult have steadily built up a discography based on decomposing and deconstructing. «Know» EP is the first vinyl statement that sees the Russian duo dive headlong into beat-forms and movement music.

Following their fog-covered debut LP on Public Information, Anya Kuts and Ivan Zoloto have swerved the spread-out spaciousness and primitive rhythm debris and reached for crucial, crude dub and techno templates. Ghostly remnants still pervade «Know» – Kuts’ heavily-processed vocals are still in evidence – but with the adoption of distorted kick drums, off-kilter sub-basslines and compressed melodic strands, this Love Cult is more vital, more transformative. Recently the Karelian duo have coined the apt term «no tech», which stands for «northern technology». Terrifying opener «Mise En Abyme» is the bridge between older Love Cult and the new forms – massive, trawling chords barely contained by a rolling beat and cut-up vocals, like Sunn O))) lost in a lightless nightclub. «My Boy» breaks into an alternate-universe Garage rhythm, perverting the groove with ecclesiastical reverb drones and stabbing bass. The push and pull of «Lust Undone», like a possessed drum machine transmitting the death rattle of the recently deceased, gives way to the closing, epic «It’s True». Perhaps the most straight-forward offering and undoubtedly one of Love Cult’s strongest moments, «It’s True» uses bass-bin shattering tones, quick-fire high hats and end-of-the-world noise injections to truly shatter the perceptions of the listener." (Night School)

"Night School Records pick up Love Cult's fearsome follow-up to their chilling 'Fingers Crossed' LP for Public Information. Hailing from the Russian Republic Of Karelia, up near Finland, the duo of Anya Kuts and Ivan Afanasyev aka Love Cult have coined the apt term "no tech", short for northern technology, to describe their deconstructed hybrids of cold, ceramic textures, black metal atmosphere and machine-driven rhythms found on the 'Know EP'. It's a marked progression from their Public Information album, far more focussed on bass heavy rhythmic patterns, but not at the expense of their signature, below-kelvin vibes. A-side, they forge a matt black hybrid of hairy-clawed black metal riffs and protean techno sludge on 'Mise En Abyme' before spinning well west with the glinting garage groove and "ecclesiastical reverb drones" of 'My Boy' coming off like Grouper meets Dro Carey. B-side, 'Lust Undone' steps off with wickedly stilted slowfast corrugations sounding like Burial Hex doing footwork, and closer 'It's True' melds opiated vocals with ice-burning dub step." (Boomkat)


released January 13, 2014

Written, Performed & Produced by Anya Kuts & Ivan Zoloto
Mastered by Brian Pyle
Art Direction & Illustration by Anya Kuts
Released by Night School



all rights reserved


Love Cult Republic of Karelia, Russia

A duo of Anya Kuts and Ivan Zoloto, 2009 — forever

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Track Name: My Boy
О, жизнь
О, саван из роз
Моё дитя,
Мой мальчик для битья, подрос

Шрам, ушиб и терновый куст
Свято место пусто
Track Name: It's True
I knew
A thing or two
About you
And this is not a song of loss

It's high time we took blame
Your heart broke, what a shame

Say it - and
It's true
Once said -
It's true

We weren't meant by history
Yours is a pyrrhic victory

Rubber gloves
Muffled cries
You stare at my palms
I tell lies, lies, lies, lies, lies